The Hidden Heritage Collection Campaign, Part 2: On Set

Setting the Scene 

Choosing the desired locations for the campaign wasn’t a difficult task, explains designer Natasha. “I already had photos of multiple stunning places throughout the Old City of Ohrid, captured during my past travels.” The beauty and architectural elements of the Old City and meant that planning the shots, shoot flow and schedule was straightforward. Natasha reflects, “Under the watchful eye of Darko, who organised everyone and planned the team’s schedule to perfection, each day was executed without issue.” With a team of such talents, individuals all sharing similar aesthetics and sensibility, it felt natural to depict the vision. 

The Finishing Touches 

Pulling together the outfits, styling, makeup and hair for the Hidden Heritage campaign was a thoroughly pre-planned and orchestrated event, which came together beautifully in the experienced hands of stylist Milena Tanaskoska. With several virtual castings, two local and very talented models Gorjana and Tatjana were chosen as the faces for the Hidden Heritage collection. Natasha notes, “Our two models, Gorjana and Tatjana, perfectly matched the personalities that we envisioned to bring these garments to life.” The Hidden Heritage story was beginning to take shape and all the pieces were falling into place. 

Lights, Camera, Action

The Hidden Heritage campaign shoot began at the rustic, ornate doors of the church of Holy Mary Peribleptos with Dimo’s beautiful camera work capturing the scenes around the Old City, and both the outside and inside Tsar Samuel’s Fortress. The campaign then takes you on journey winding through cobble-stoned roads to Kaneo, where the Church of St John of Kaneo stands on a cliff overlooking Lake Ohrid. The scenery, with soft muted skies and a rustic aesthetic, was the perfect backdrop for the collection to be framed in the stunning natural canvas. 
Model Posing On The doors of Church of Holy Mary

By the Sea

Travelling by boat to a secluded spot on the lake’s edge, the crews next location, while not as warm as it can be, proved to be idyllic, with the placid lake providing a sublime panoramic view and backdrop. This rocky foreshore was the perfect spot to stage the brilliant blues and rustic red shades of the swimwear, and the simplicity of the location allowed the details of the pieces to shine.
Models Posing On The Beach

The Finale 

Day two on the set of the Hidden Heritage campaign started early at the heart of the Old City of Ohrid, before moving to an early-Christian basilica, one of nine in the city. With its well-preserved floor mosaics and fragments of decorative sculptures and ancient columns, this location was one of the inspirations behind the collection, and so was ideal for showcasing the carefully crafted designs. The intricate details of each garment were beautifully juxtaposed against the heavenly architecture forms, and the light elevated the beauty of both the location and the designs themselves. 
Model Walking On The Streets of Old City of Ohrid
In a fitting end to the Hidden Heritage campaign shoot, the crew finished along the wooden walkway affectionately known as “The Bridge of Wishes”. Near Potpesh beach, in a quiet cove under the cliffs and with a full view of the magnificent Kaneo, the Hidden Heritage collection campaign was sealed with a serene stroll along the coast—so fitting in representing the effortless sophistication of the Hidden Heritage collection.
View the making of the Hidden Heritage collection campaign here.